Leading digital Marketing agency in Nigeria ran by a northern woman

Founder Of The Best Digital Marketing Company, Agency In Nigeria
 Fatima Binta Mohammed, founder of Adhubbing

In 2015, Nigerians had just elected a new government which had the difficult job of steering the country in the direction of change. This was also the period when the nosedive of the Nigerian economy started.
This economically difficult times gave birth to numerous challenges for most businesses. Miss Fatima Binta Mohammed and a group of vibrant young Nigerians decided to create a marketing solution that could guarantee a wider audience for local Businesses.

Traditional marketing methods were becoming less viable, hence, Adhubbing was founded out of necessity. The idea of a solution-oriented Digital Marketing company sprung from Miss Fatima’s frustration with the job hunt process and a few failed attempts at starting a business with traditional marketing methods. She decided to solve that problem by understanding the marketing needs of the digital age. This is why Adhubbing Digital Agency was formed.

Founder Of The Best Digital Marketing Company, Agency In Nigeria

The goal was to build an agency in Nigeria that would help business owners gain more customers and make more sales by taking advantage of the opportunities that technology provides in terms of global reach. Achieving this ultimate goal required knowledge and a few technical skills. Thus, Miss Fatima and the newly founded Adhubbing team decided to dedicate all their savings into learning and fully understanding the digital marketing space. We embarked on everything from reading books to paid training, networking events and international digital marketing courses. We found that the more we understood the need for digital marketing, the more passionate we became about being a strong digital marketing solutions provider.

CHALLENGES- Regardless of all the studies that prove that women are generally more efficient and productive in the work environment, one of the biggest challenges we faced was having a woman-led agency in the patriarch society.
We had to work twice as hard for half the reward. The first eighteen months in business was an invaluable learning curve of failures, struggles and we came close enough to rock bottom that we almost considered quitting. Luckily, the passion that burned within us was stronger than the challenges we faced, and so we chose to perceivere and to keep moving forward.

Eventually, we met with Mr. Yusuf Sulieman the Founder of Blue Camel Energy Limited. They believed in us and gave us the first opportunity to prove ourselves and that point on we have been moving from one referral to another. Today, we are at the point in our company history where we eat, drink and breathe digital marketing. It is our dream to keep expanding and delivering great services to our client base. Our aim is to help businesses reach their highest potential by driving targeted traffic, generating leads and converting these leads to paying customers.

When you think Digital Marketing, think Adhubbing

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