Hook Polo Wins Spanish Women Polo Championship

The Hook Polo Team is the winner of the IV Spanish Women’s Polo Championship at the Santa María Polo Club. Professionals from eight countries played the biggest women’s tournament of the European season last weekend in Sotogrande.

After three days of intense competition, the players of the Hook Polo team have been proclaimed the winners this Sunday of the 4th edition of the Spanish Women’s Polo Championship, the largest event of its kind in Europe.

The quartet formed by Clara Cassino, Tiva Gross, Katie McKinney and Natalia Bayarre beat Club Marítimo Hotel in the final, held in the courts of Los Pinos del Santa María Polo Club. This has been the last sporting event before the start of the 47th International Polo Tournament.

In a fast and exciting final, where both teams arrived undefeated, Hook Polo took the lead on the scoreboard from the first half, by 21/2 to 1 goals, an advantage that would increase in the second and third chukker, until the end of the match.

A total of 24 professional players from eight countries have played this tournament at a level of 12 to 16 goals, in the biggest women’s tournament of the European season. Women’s polo is the fastest growing segment of this sport, thanks to the numerous clubs that, like the Santa María Polo Club, include these competitions in their sports calendars.

Founder of Polo Women and co-organizer of this competition, Joanna Mobley thanked all the teams for their participation and “the good level of play demonstrated by all the players”. “This tournament has all the ingredients to show the public what women’s polo is like and that it is fun over the weekend,” she added.

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